My first YouTube video- Watercolor on YUPO synthetic of woman dancing

I have created my first YouTube video.

watercolor on YUPO, YUPO painting, ballet art, ballerina decor

Watercolor painting on YUPO of woman dancing. Watercolor on YUPO paper

Unfortunately, I had to ask my 9 year old how to do most of it. Which was a little embarrassing I admit.

If you have ever considered painting watercolor on YUPO, this is how I do it:

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Watercolor Workshop- September 18th. Mouth atomizing watercolor paintings

Mouth atomized watercolor workshop by Ryan Fox

Mouth Atomizing Watercolor Workshop with Ryan Fox WSNC PWS
September, 18th 1-8pm

The mouth atomizer is a device that is used to spray watercolor paint, ink, or other liquids evenly over a surface.
A traditional, non-aerosol way to apply paint, the mouth atomizer functions like an airbrush powered by your breath. The atomizing technique creates an atmospheric effect that is difficult to achieve with a brush. It is also to add texture to foregrounds and buildings as well as create entire paintings in an impressionistic pointillism style.
Students will create a painting by masking and spraying colors onto watercolor paper. After an instructor discussion about value choices and color choices, students will embark on an artistic journey using a unique painting tool.

Bridge of Sighs watercolor. Watercolor painting Venice. Venice watercolor. Mouth atomizer watercolor

Fine art mouth-atomized watercolor painting of gondoliers & Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy

No watercolor experience necessary. Students are welcome to bring their own reference material or can copy the instructors painting.
Materials list available upon registration.

Watercolor Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu painting. Mouth atomized watercolor painting

Fine art watercolor painting of Incan ruins of Machu Picchu- Sacred Valley, Peru. Watercolor paper stretched on canvas bars.

Waverly Artists Group Studio & Gallery – Waverly Place
When: September 18th
Time: 1:00pm to 8:00pm (there will be a short break for dinner)
Price: $90 each Max. 8 students
($80 for WSNC Members)
To see more of Ryan’s work, visit his Etsy storefront:

Ryan Fox Painting on facebook


Bold Brush Competition- Favorite Painting

Good news, my entry in the FASO Bold Brush online competition, while not a winner, earned the distinction of placing  atop  the 15% of favorited images.  The image can be viewed online  at the Bold Brush site.  Or below:

(Watercolor painting of Cathedral in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca- Ecuador)

I hate to admit, but I painted this piece in less than two hours.  That is the beauty of watercolor- the less you mess with the paints, the better it looks (usually).

Working from a very detailed line drawing (traces of the drawing can be seen in the upper-right),  I abandoned most of the drawing as I painted, focusing less on the details, and more on the colors and large shapes.  With the canvas sitting at a 45 degree angle, and paint applied to the paper immediately ran down.  I started at the top of the canvas, and let gravity takes it’s course.

Little splotches of windsor red and cerulean blue were applied when the paper was completely covered in paint.  I like using both of these paints since the are opaque and have a reflective quality to them.  I had just read Nita Engle’s book How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself and I had learned this little bit of knowledge from her.

A little table salt  for texture, and I sprayed off a large portion of the colors on the right hand side since I found   the details of the arches were distracting from the center Cathedral.

It was a lively, and very messy,  hour of painting.

When dried the next day, I applied the darkest darks in the Cathedral area and a few places in the columns.

The original image has sold, but giclee proofs are available at my website:  There you, can see several of the original photographs in the Ecuador gallery (this painting is photo composite of several photos).

The finished painting looks nothing like the original photographs.  I altered the colors and composition.  After all, if I wanted it to look like a photograph, I’d take a picture.

Hope your brushes are busy.


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Watercolor Pouring Workshop on August 13th

Watercolor painter, Raleigh watercolor, Raleigh fine art, watercolor society, Watercolor Society of North Carolina

Fine art watercolor painting of woman counting prayer beads at Wat in the city of Yangoon (Rangoon)- Myanmar (Burma)

Watercolor Pouring Workshop with Ryan Fox at Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh, North Carolina.

poured watercolor painting, Ryan Fox Painting, Raleigh painter, art class Raleigh

Fine art poured watercolor painting of Buddhist monk inside of residence in the city of Phnom Penh- Cambodia


Discover the technique of pouring, and layering watercolor paints.  Pouring creates a wide range of colors and creates amazing blending effects.

Through design and careful planning, you will learn the technique of preserving areas with masking fluid as you build-up your darker values.    You’ll choose your own subject matter: still life, landscape, architectural, floral, or portrait. All levels welcome, including first-time watercolorists.

To register, click this link

Ryan Fox   PWS,  WSNC

R. Fox Photography

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Ryan Fox Painting on facebook


Watercolor pouring workshop at Waverly Artists Group Studio & Gallery

We had a great pouring workshops at Waverly Artists Group Studio and Gallery last week.  Thanks to Carla, Roxanne, Lisa, and Lani for attending.

The workshop focused on pouring watercolors and using liquid mask to preserve the white of the paper or lighter values:

pouring watercolor, Linda Baker Waverly Artists Group Studio, Gary Bradley, David Foster, David Stickel


Lani Chaves art, watercolor Raleigh, art class Raleigh, art class Cary, gallery Cary, watercolor North Carolina


You slowly build up the values by alternating pours and masking.  It’s messy.  It’s fun.






When the painting is almost entirely covered with masking fluid, it looks like this:

Ryan Fox watercolor, Ryan Fox painting, watercolor painting Venice, Venice poured watercolor, watercolor pouring workshop



Gross, huh?  However, when you peel all the masking fluid off:

watercolor Big Ben, watercolor painting Big Ben, watercolour London, watercolor painting London, etsy artists, etsy painting, etsy watercolor


This is the painting before final adjustments.  I have to go back into it with a brush and push/pull a few areas, remove a few hard lines, etc. but you can see the amazing layering achieved by pouring.  This is difficult to achieve with a brush since it has a tendency to muddy the color.

In addition to teaching pouring techniques (including the use of different masking brands), I  focused a lot on composition- avoiding symmetry, not being a slave to the photograph, unequal shapes, focal points, and others.

It was a fast day.  Below are some examples of finished paintings:

Carla Mitchell II

Carla Mitchell

Lani Chaves III


If you are interested in this technique and learning watercolor batik take a look at my upcoming workshops page:

2016 Workshops

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