Raleigh First Friday- June 7th


Going to downtown Raleigh for First Friday art events? Stop by VAE to see my watercolor paintings in the Exchange Gallery.


More info on VAE and other participating galleries can be found here:


VAE is open from 6-9pm.

Watercolor painting of Capital building in downtown Raleigh, NC

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Guest artist at The Sunflower Studio and Gallery in Wake Forest, NC- June 2013

watercolor Florence, Italy watercolor, Uffizi painting

In June I will have the honor of being the guest artist at Sunflower Studio & Gallery in Wake Forest, NC.  This is a beautiful gallery and I will be displaying many of recent works.


In addition, I will have watercolor paintings at VAE (Visual Art Exchange) as one of the featured artists’ in the Exchange Gallery.

If you want to see great art, Raleigh’s First Friday (June 7th) and Wake Forest’s Art After Hours (June 14th) are great times to support and see the work of  local artists- myself included 🙂

Addresses and times for both galleries are listed below:

Sunflower Studio & Gallery
214 East Jones Avenue
Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587
(919) 570-0765

Art After Hours times (June 14th) 5-9pm

Visual Art Exchange

309 W. Martin Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

First Friday hours (June 7th) hours: 6-9p.m.

Can’t afford an original painting?  Most of my watercolors are available as giclee proofs on my etsy website.  🙂


Ryan Fox


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En Plein Air Paint-Off in Fuquay-Varina

Actually, it should be called:

Pain-Air Paint-Off.

I signed up for this event three weeks ago.  En plein air (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃ plɛn‿ɛʁ]) is a French expression which means “in the open air,” and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors.

I have never painted en plein air.

My first attempt, during a painting session at Lassiter Mills Falls in Raleigh, NC was met with laughter.  Kids laughed.  Parents too.  Embarrassing.  I tipped my french hat and yelled in frustration- “Is there no civility?”

Even my wife said the paintings were terrible.

Luckily, watercolor paper is double sided.  For every failure- there is another opportunity to redeem one’s artistic vision and skills.  Flip the paper over and being again.

My next few plein-air attempts were better.


I never understood how different and difficult it is to paint outdoors- with the constant lighting changes, people talking to you, cars, kids laughing, and cougar attacks (kidding).  There isn’t coffee ready 24/7 either.

Though I practiced 4-5 times before the competition in Fuquay-Varina, I was nervous.  I had no idea what to expect.

For the painting event the artists would arrive and draw randomly from a hat, a location in Fuquay-Varina to paint.  You then had 4 hours to sketch and paint before the judging.

I picked the Toy Town store in downtown Varina.

Here is a photograph of the painting in progress.  The weather was beautiful though a strong breeze sent my brushes and easel flying several times (I have since learned from plein-air painter Dan Nelson to use zip ties to keep everything grounded).

FQ2 FQ3 FV_Plein_Aire2

This was the almost finished painting.  I added a figure and highlights at the end.

I was happy with the final painting- especially in light of my plein air painting inexperience.

Dan Nelson’s piece won first prize (not surprising)- another fabulous work by the Wake Forest, NC based artist.  His work, and the work of the 2nd and 3rd place winners will be enlarged and put on canvases to be displayed in downtown Fuquay-Varina for the next year.

Voting began today for the 2nd and 3rd place winners.  Please vote, and I hope you consider my wonderful watercolor (shameless plug).


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Recent painting to be published in Splash 15 hardcover book

Splash13When I returned to painting several years ago, the first watercolor books I purchased from Ebay were from the Splash series.  I had not painted in 13 years (since college) and needed inspiration.  

Published by F+W media, Splash is an annual hardcover book that  features the best of contemporary watercolor. 

The books were instrumental in helping me decide to return to painting by showcasing the best of watercolor and what could be done with the medium.


Getting your image into Splash is difficult.  You pay a fee to submit a photograph of your painting(s), and hope the judges accept the image.

The people that are published in Splash are the big-wigs of watercolor painting-  artists that charge a lot of money to conduct workshops.  Artists that have watercolor society initials after their names- John Salminen, Paul Jackson, Kathie George, Michael Reardon, etc.  Anyone involved in watercolor painting or the art world will recognize more than a handful of artists in the Splash books.

Watercolor painting of Monastery in Old Town Quito, Ecuador

Watercolor painting of Monastery in Old Town Quito, Ecuador

I entered a few paintings in 2011.  ….hoping for the best.

And was not accepted.

I entered a few more paintings in 2012, hoping I had improved a little in the previous year.

…wouldn’t you know it. One of my paintings was accepted.

A painting of the monastery in Old Town Quito (Ecuador).

TBA:  Summer 2014- Splash 15 will be published.

Buy a copy!  Buy a copy!

No, I don’t get royalties.

But anyone who has had their paintings (or photographs) published (as I did hundreds of times as a photographer) realizes, it is fun to get your work printed.

I hope my painting can inspire the next generation of watercolor artists, just as paintings from the previous Splash books inspired my work.




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Solo exhibition at Wake Med Hospital- Raleigh, NC

For six weeks my watercolor paintings will be displayed at WakeMed Artists’ Gallery Exhibition.  Located at the New Bern campus, my work will be displayed until the 18th of April.



During the past year I have experimented with different styles and papers including watercolor batik (using wax as a resist) on rice paper, and cold and hot pressed watercolor paper.


(My wife and kids looking enthralled)


(Watercolor of Burano, Italy and batik of downtown Raleigh)


(Several watercolors on YUPO synthetic paper as well as traditional paper)

It was a ton of work selecting, framing, and matting the images.  The hallway at WakeMed was longer than I thought. I am glad I framed 25 pieces- I used 22 in the exhibition.

The watercolors are all available for sale.  I also offer hi quality giclees proofs of the paintings through my etsy page.



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