Watercolor Pouring Workshop in Cary, NC- October 25th

Watercolor Pouring Workshop with Ryan Fox At Waverly Artist Studio in Cary, NC

To register contact Ryan at: ryan@rfoxphoto.com


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Fine art poured watercolor painting of Buddhist monk inside of residence in the city of Phnom Penh- Cambodia

Fine art watercolor painting of spires of church in the 9th century castle rising above the city of Prague- Czech Republic

Fine art watercolor painting of spires of church in the 9th century castle rising above the city of Prague- Czech Republic

Watercolor painting of Venice landscape at sunset

Watercolor painting of gondola boats on Piazza San Marco at sunset in the medieval city of Venice- Italy

Watercolor painting of Plaza de Armas in Cusco at dusk

Fine art poured watercolor painting of colonial churches on the Plaza de Armas in the Incan city of Cusco at night- Sacred Valley, Peru

Fine art poured watercolor painting of the Hut of the Caretaker at the UNESCO World Heritage Incan ruins of Machu Picchu- Sacred Valley, Peru

Fine art poured watercolor painting of the Hut of the Caretaker at the UNESCO World Heritage Incan ruins of Machu Picchu- Sacred Valley, Peru


Discover the technique of pouring, and layering watercolor paints.  With an emphasis on design and planning, you will learn the technique of pouring diluted watercolor directly on paper.   Pouring creates a wide range of colors and creates amazing blending effects. Through instructor demonstration, you will learn about masking, wetting techniques, using gravity to mix your limited palette, and preserving the transparency of your layers. You’ll choose your own subject matter: still life, landscape, architectural, floral, or portrait. All levels welcome, including first-time watercolorists.



When: October 25th, 2015

Where: Waverly Artists Group Studio in Cary, NC

Time: 1:00pm to 8:00pm (there will be an hour dinner break)

Price: $100   10% discount for

Watercolor Society of North Carolina (WSNC) members


To see more of Ryan’s work, visit his Etsy storefront:


Questions? ryan@rfoxphoto.com



My artwork featured in Splash 16: Exploring Textures

The Splash series of hardcover books has long been an inspiration.  Whenever I am uninspired (this does happen) I look through the books to get ideas.

Published yearly by FW Media-  each book focuses on a specific theme.  The 16th edition of the series explores texture and artists’ use of texture in their paintings.

Getting into the book requires submitting your work in the (now) online contest and hoping you are chosen.  Each book features many of the modern masters of watercolor.  It’s not easy to get your work accepted.  I have been turned down.  More than once.

Imagine my excitement when my painting “Walk Down the Street- Kathmandu” was accepted in the 16th edition of the series.   Take a sneak preview here.

American Watercolor Society, poured watercolor

“Walk Down the Street”- 148th Annual Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society


Splash 16: Exploring Textures is available online now.

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Splash 16: Exploring Texture


Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox Painting

(919) 645-8345




Georgia Watercolor Society 36th Annual Juried Exhibition


Earlier this month I was returning from a long drive up north (Raleigh, NC to Storrs, CT) to visit family, and attend the American Watercolor Society 148th Annual Juried Exhibition.  My painting “Walk Down the Street- Kathmandu”  was accepted in the AWS show- I couldn’t miss seeing it.  Who knows if I will ever get into another AWS show.  Right?

It was a great show in New York- my mother-in-law watched the kids while my wife and I attended the reception.  Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs.  I took my professional DSLR.  My wife left her SmartPhone at home because I had my camera.  AWS did not want cameras in the exhibit.  I understand.  So we did not take any photographs.

The family (including mother-in-law) left New York at 1pm the next day after a frantic 6 hours of last minute sight-seeing.  With kids.  440 miles later, after numerous stops, including a real fire alarm at a rest stop on the Jersey turnpike (smoke was billowing out from an inside doorway), I received 6 phone calls at the VA-NC border.  Thanks lousy cell phone service…

Well, one message was calling to congratulate me.  I received a top prize in the 36th Georgia Watercolor Society Show.

Cool beans.  Unfortunately, the awards ceremony was the next day.  In Atlanta.  Another 400 mile drive (albeit without kids- so I could listen to really annoying (according to my wife) music like the Offspring the entire drive).

I drive a Prius.  A 400 mile drive is barely more than a tank of gas.  Money is not an excuse to go traveling with that car.   And since I had won an award…

Less than seven hours later I was driving south.

The GWS award ceremony was great.  I had the opportunity to see juror Iain Stewart in action again, as well as meet several new artists.


My painting- “Video Killed the Radio Star”


Another North Carolina artist- Charlie Sharpe, who won 1st place in the show.GWS24 GWS23 GWS21

(Kim Minichiello receiving her award for her watercolor)


(Juror Iain Stewart congratulating Charlie Sharpe on his 1st place award)GWS18 GWS17

Me accepting my 4th place award. GWS16 GWS14 GWS12

Iain’s watercolor painting of the Glasgow School of Arts, which unfortunately was extensively damaged in a recent fire.  I wanted to steal this painting.  I kept asking myself- “Am I faster than Iain?”


Iain Stewart showing the finished piece of his 1.5 hour demonstration.  This was especially impressive since this painting was almost twice the size of his normal paintings.GWS9 GWS7

Thanks Georgia Watercolor Society.  It was a fun evening and I look forward to next year’s show.


Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox Painting

(919) 645-8345



Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Online Member Show

watercolor Eiffel Tower, Eiffel Tower painting, painting France, Paris France painting, icon France

My entries in this year’s PWS Online Member show:


I didn’t win an award, but the competition within this organization is fantastic.  Things like this (not winning) just make we work harder for next year.

Who can find my other image?  I’ll give a 20% discount on etsy for the first person who does…

Happy painting everyone.




(919) 645-8345



148th Annual International Exhibition Award Winners- American Watercolor Society

A short anecdote about putting your artwork out to be judged by your peers- whether fellow artists, friends, family, or enemies:

“If you do not enter- you cannot get accepted”.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  Yeah, I’ll lose a few pounds.  I’ll stop cramming ALL the dishes into the dishwasher the last second before my wife gets home (I work from home), I’ll BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…

So a few dishes get broken.  That is why they make SuperGlue…

I do have goals.  Since I gave up my photography career four years ago, I have made a goal every year.  Year one was to get my work accepted in a national juried exhibition.  My second year was to get into three national juried exhibitions.  My third year was to continue to get work accepted in juried exhibitions.  However, I felt I needed to take a step forward.  It is fantastic to get into juried shows, but I wanted to elevate my standards…

Everyone loves ribbons: the kind you get at swimming meets when you are 7.   I schooled that kid in lane 4.  Of course, he refused to jump in the water- but I still won…

Seriously, I wanted my work recognized, so my goal for year three was to win an award.  I accomplished this in the Watercolor Society of North Carolina’s 69th Annual Juried Exhibition.  I won the Cheap Joe’s merchandise award- the top merchandise prize in the show.  Special thanks to Joe Miller of Cheap Joe’s.  Your generosity allowed me to stock up on supplies and Joe even helped me carry goodies to the car when I visited the store in Boone, NC.

My goal for 2015 was to try to get into ANY of the big three competitions- American Watercolor Society (AWS), National Watercolor Society (NWS), or Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA).  All are amazing exhibitions with entries from around the world.  The competition is ridiculous.  AWS gets 5000+ entries per year for the show.   They accept approximately 150 paintings.   Artists can enter ONE painting.  Per year.  Your chances stink. I entered the first two years thinking I had a shot.  Later, when reviewing my artwork against the winners- I was embarrassed.  I needed to improve; because I had wasted $60 (each year).

Last month my painting was accepted into the 2015 American Watercolor Society of America show.  I’m honored to be hanging next to many of the modern masters of watercolor.

The last two weeks stunk.  There were notices all over facebook about the Missouri Watercolor Society and Southern Watercolor Society shows.  I wish watercolor societies (hint, hint) posted acceptance and denial notices at once- because finding out everyone else was accepted in a show, and you were not, stinks.

I heard the American Watercolor Society was announcing award winners yesterday.  So I checked their website every 15 minutes hoping I was on the list.  Nothing.  So I gave up.  Today I worked on framing a solo show in Elizabeth City, NC.  Then I checked my email.

Thanks Iain Stewart for notifying me.  I won an award.  Wow.

American Watercolor Society, poured watercolor

“Walk Down the Street”- 148th Annual Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society


Walk Down the Street” was not my typical painting.  I tried something different by pouring watercolors.

Art is amazing.  Every artist can take a scene, photographed or plein air, and interpret it differently.  This painting was not usual.  In fact, I tried to paint completely different since I had just had ankle surgery and could barely move.  I adjusted and created this….

I’m glad I entered the competition.

Do you think you can compete at the national/international stage?

Look at the competition.

Analyze their work.  … and yours?

What makes your work different?

Is your work unique?  I hope so. Analyze the competition.  How does your work compare?  Is it different?  Does it have a unique style?

Do not give up.  If you do not compete, you cannot win.

I hope this gives you inspiration to compete.  Enter shows.  Compete.  And (hopefully) win.



Ryan Fox Painting on facebook


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