Watercolor batik paintings- new work

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Being at home will save lives. But let’s be realistic, I have a harder time working at home with 2 kids, and idiot Jack Russell Terrier barking at perceived slights, and my wife also home. 🙂

However, I have taken the opportunity to return to creating batiks on Japanese rice paper. Several images have been stuck in my mind as candidates for a large batik. These paintings would have been difficult to paint small. Batik lends itself well to large paintings since wax dries on the brush quickly. It is hard to get a lot of detail into a 12×18″ paper for this reason.

Here are two of my most recent full-sheet batiks. “Florence Sunset”, 25×36″ (above)

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Amsterdam Skyline”, 25×36″

Original paintings available. These can be rolled into a tube for easy mailing.

Fine art reproductions available too. Check out my Etsy shop RFoxWatercolors for a huge selection of originals and prints from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa:


Interested in seeing in-progress photographs of these paintings? Check out my instagram and facebook pages.

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