My artwork featured in Splash 16: Exploring Textures

The Splash series of hardcover books has long been an inspiration.  Whenever I am uninspired (this does happen) I look through the books to get ideas.

Published yearly by FW Media-  each book focuses on a specific theme.  The 16th edition of the series explores texture and artists’ use of texture in their paintings.

Getting into the book requires submitting your work in the (now) online contest and hoping you are chosen.  Each book features many of the modern masters of watercolor.  It’s not easy to get your work accepted.  I have been turned down.  More than once.

Imagine my excitement when my painting “Walk Down the Street- Kathmandu” was accepted in the 16th edition of the series.   Take a sneak preview here.

American Watercolor Society, poured watercolor

“Walk Down the Street”- 148th Annual Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society


Splash 16: Exploring Textures is available online now.

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Splash 16: Exploring Texture


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