Georgia Watercolor Society 36th Annual Juried Exhibition


Earlier this month I was returning from a long drive up north (Raleigh, NC to Storrs, CT) to visit family, and attend the American Watercolor Society 148th Annual Juried Exhibition.  My painting “Walk Down the Street- Kathmandu”  was accepted in the AWS show- I couldn’t miss seeing it.  Who knows if I will ever get into another AWS show.  Right?

It was a great show in New York- my mother-in-law watched the kids while my wife and I attended the reception.  Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs.  I took my professional DSLR.  My wife left her SmartPhone at home because I had my camera.  AWS did not want cameras in the exhibit.  I understand.  So we did not take any photographs.

The family (including mother-in-law) left New York at 1pm the next day after a frantic 6 hours of last minute sight-seeing.  With kids.  440 miles later, after numerous stops, including a real fire alarm at a rest stop on the Jersey turnpike (smoke was billowing out from an inside doorway), I received 6 phone calls at the VA-NC border.  Thanks lousy cell phone service…

Well, one message was calling to congratulate me.  I received a top prize in the 36th Georgia Watercolor Society Show.

Cool beans.  Unfortunately, the awards ceremony was the next day.  In Atlanta.  Another 400 mile drive (albeit without kids- so I could listen to really annoying (according to my wife) music like the Offspring the entire drive).

I drive a Prius.  A 400 mile drive is barely more than a tank of gas.  Money is not an excuse to go traveling with that car.   And since I had won an award…

Less than seven hours later I was driving south.

The GWS award ceremony was great.  I had the opportunity to see juror Iain Stewart in action again, as well as meet several new artists.


My painting- “Video Killed the Radio Star”


Another North Carolina artist- Charlie Sharpe, who won 1st place in the show.GWS24 GWS23 GWS21

(Kim Minichiello receiving her award for her watercolor)


(Juror Iain Stewart congratulating Charlie Sharpe on his 1st place award)GWS18 GWS17

Me accepting my 4th place award. GWS16 GWS14 GWS12

Iain’s watercolor painting of the Glasgow School of Arts, which unfortunately was extensively damaged in a recent fire.  I wanted to steal this painting.  I kept asking myself- “Am I faster than Iain?”


Iain Stewart showing the finished piece of his 1.5 hour demonstration.  This was especially impressive since this painting was almost twice the size of his normal paintings.GWS9 GWS7

Thanks Georgia Watercolor Society.  It was a fun evening and I look forward to next year’s show.


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