Iain Stewart Workshop- Washington, VA

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Yes, I have been bad and ignored my blogging responsibilities…..

In late February I attended a workshop led by watercolor painter Iain Stewart.  Thanks to Carole Pivarnik for hosting and organizing the workshop in Washington….


Never heard of it?  Neither had I.  But I was elated not to have to deal with DC traffic in February.

Iain’s work focuses on architectural illustration and fine art.  Iain (pronounced Ian)  is a member of The National Watercolor Society, Louisiana Watercolor Society, and others.

Iain specializes in small watercolors ( usually 11×15″) of architectural subjects.



His palette is a small travel palette with large mixing wells.  Iain uses a ton of water and plenty of pre-mixed watercolor before laying down his initial washes.




End of the demo at Day 1



Sketch of Crail waterfront (below).  I was especially impressed how quickly he drew the subject and began to paint.

Two years ago, I took a watercolor class from John Salminen.  In John’s class we spent two days drawing our paintings.  Two days.  Iain spent two minutes sketching the painting.

IS_Workshop10  IS_Workshop11

First washes applied to the top of the painting.


Rest of painting developed…..


The students of the workshop copied the painting demonstrated by Iain.  Ours, of course, were not half as good as Iain’s originals, but it gave us insight to how he paints and the processes behind it.

IS_Workshop9IS_Workshop14     These are my paintings laying on the ground.  IS_Workshop8

Don’t ask what was going on here…..

One of my favorite workshop moments was looking through Iain’s sketchbook.


Yeah, I, um, can draw that well too….



More of Iain’s work can be found online:  http://www.stewartwatercolors.com/ or  his facebook page

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