2014 Georgia Watercolor Society XXXV National Exhibition

My 1/2 sheet painting “Kathmandu Street” was accepted in the 2014 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition.

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This painting is an example of “poured watercolor”.   I masked the whitest whites of the piece and  poured watered-down solutions of reds,yellows, and blues on top of the surface.  Tilting the paper allows the colors to blend and flow in certain areas.  A spray bottle also helps blend colors or remove paint from the wet surface.

After each layer dries you add more masking fluid.  You continually add more color until reaching the desired value.

The next layer of poured paint is applied.  The sequence continues until you  reach the darkest darks.

I learned this process from Roland Roycraft, a fantastic Michigan artist who I took a workshop from years ago, and most recently, Linda Baker, a South Carolina artist well known for poured watercolor pieces.  I have never taken Linda’s workshops, but I have found information on the internet.

I was particularly proud of this painting since I had ankle surgery less than two weeks prior and was unable to move around without crutches.

Typically, I move  a lot when I paint.  I  stand back and observe the painting from a distance.  I turn the painting upside down (helping me concentrate on shape and value to judge the composition).  I procrastinate.  Then I paint.

Sitting still was a different matter.

Since the “unwanted” paint was sprayed off, I was left, with one leg, to mop up the pools of paint lying on my kitchen floor.

What fun.

I did have a good time.  I was real happy with the final piece.  My original photograph resembles the painting in many ways- except for the colors.  The original photograph is a morning photograph; less contrast, low-key lighting.  I changed the painting to a hi-key sunrise/sunset.

The exhibition opens March 7th at Carrollton Cultural Arts Center.

Hope to see you there.


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