Commissioned work

My first two commissioned pieces were paintings I did for my German friends married in Switzerland at the Hospiz Grimsel (paintings below).

Watercolor painting of Swiss Alps rising above architecture of Grimsel Hospiz at Grimsel Pass- Switzerland, Europe

Watercolor painting of Hospiz Grimsel surrounded by Swiss alps in the country of Switzerland

These full sheet watercolors (22×30″) were based on photographs I shot in Switzerland.

While I wasn’t paid for these images (they were their wedding gifts), the idea was the same as a commission- I knew what they wanted, we talked composition & colors, and the final watercolor paintings were based on their specifications.

Recently, I was hired by Betsy Bardi of Bardi Designs to create a smaller replica of the Raleigh Skyline batik available on my Etsy storefront:

Watercolor batik of Raleigh skyline(Original watercolor batik of Raleigh downtown skyline)

This was a little more difficult to execute because the original painting is 20×32″.  Betsy’s clients were looking for a 12×15″, which usually isn’t an issue.  Except when you dealing with hot, dripping wax…


My first attempt at recreating the painting produced the painting above.  I needed to get smaller brushes for the wax.  My second attempt turned out much better:


It is more difficult to match the details of the original when working smaller.  Wax has a tendency to spread on rice paper because there is no sizing.  You need to apply the wax  1/8″ from the line you want to preserve.

I managed to complete these pieces over the holidays- even with the in-laws in town.

Currently, I am working on another painting for Bardi Designs.  My commissioned work will not be sold as giclees on my online storefronts.   These are original and unique watercolors.

Please contact me if you are interested in an original painting for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion.


Ryan Fox

R. Fox Photo/Arts

Etsy Storefront– fine art giclees

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  1. Hello Ryan – I am a batik wearables artist who happened to stumble upon your paintings on the web as I was looking for info to start moving from silk clothing to batiking on watercolor paper . Your paintings are beautiful ! I am just writing to suggest that you might want to try a tjanting tool to get a finer line than a brush – they also make electric tjantings that can also give a very fine line. Best regards , Kathy Robinson

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