Link reciprocity- Watercolor Society of North Carolina

In the latest issue of The Palette Dispatch I wrote a brief article concerning linking to the Watercolor Society of North Carolina website from your artist website.

Why would you want to do this?

Though the search engine algorithm’s are top secret, the consensus among SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts are several things will increase the relevance of your website thus leading to higher search engine rankings.

These include:

1. Links on your website & reciprocal links with similar content. You do not need to go overboard linking to everyone involved in watercolor.  This can hurt you if you have too many links to other sites with no reciprocal links.  Reciprocal links tell the search engines that your site is relevant. WSNC has many, many links to artists’ websites.  Linking your site to WSNC increases the importance of the WSNC site and yours too.

If you have not added your website to the WSNC site, please do. Let’s stay connected and help each other.

To add a link to WSNC- add this code to your site in the appropriate page and place:

<a href=””><strong>Watercolor Society of North Carolina</strong></a>

This is what will appear:

Watercolor Society of North Carolina

2. Site description. These include the title, keyword, and description tags.  Many, many sites I have seen from WSNC  members do not have this information.

What happens if you do not have TITLE, KEYWORD, or DESCRIPTION tags?

What the search engines will see is:



Not sure what you have on your website? Does all this sound like I am speaking Greek?

Let’s find out what is on your site.  Go to your webpage and right-click on the page. Select VIEW PAGE SOURCE and view the results in the new window. This is the code for your site. This is what the search engine sees.

If your code does not have enough text, let’s fix it.

At the top of the code view of your page, you should something that says TITLE. Usually it is below the HEAD tag.



<title>My watercolor painting page</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”Write a detailed description of your site and art.  Use specific phrases but avoid stuffing too many words into the sentences & avoid sounding like Elmer Fudd” />

<meta name=”keywords” content=”shorter phrases but be specific.  If you add WATERCOLOR as a stand alone word- remember watercolor has over 42 million results when searched on google” />

The code above is what you want to add to the top of the page.

Write a brief title- usually 50-60 letters.

I added my notes between the TITLE tags and “”s. Please change these. Or else someone is going to find your site when searching for Elmer Fudd. 🙂

More later


(919) 645-8345

Watercolor painting of Duomo- Florence, Italy

Watercolor painting of Duomo and architecture of Florence, Italy as viewed from Piazzale Michaelangelo



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