37th Annual North East Watercolor Society exhibition (juried)

My 2013 goal was to have watercolors accepted into  three national exhibitions (juried).  This is what I accomplished in 2012 after starting painting again in 2011 (and very sporadically at that).

2013 did not start well for me.  I was accepted in local exhibitions, but my goal was to be in WATERCOLOR exhibitions.  Juried exhibitions.  The bigger the name of the juror, the better.

There were more than a few rejection letters.

I hate seeing a post of facebook from other artists bragging about how they were accepted into  (blank, blank) show.  Especially if I had not heard the results yet.

This meant my work was not in the show.  Bummer.

Watercolor painting of Plaza de Armas- Cusco

Well, 2013 has ended better.  First I was accepted into the 2013 68th Annual Juried Exhibition and Annual Meeting of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.  Not bad.  Two entried in two years.  One more and I receive signature status.

The second part of my goal was met when my watercolor painting of the churches on the Plaza de Armas in the Incan city of Cusco was accepted into the 37th Annual International Open Exhibition by the North East Watercolor Society.

(Congratulatory self dance, albeit danced poorly).

James McFarlane will be jurying the awards.  The paintings were selected by 5 signature members of the NE Watercolor Society.  I wish I knew who they were…

Maybe I will attend the reception.  I do have enough frequent flyer miles. 🙂


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