Watercolor styles and methods of painting

I need to pick a style of painting and stick with it.

Watercolor Society of North Carolina

In the past few months I have created these original watercolor paintings:

Watercolor batik- Venice, Italy

This was a watercolor batik on rice paper.  Thank you Kathie George and her article in Watercolor Artist for this amazing painting process to me.

It makes a heck of a mess though.

Watercolor painting of Guanajuato- Mexico

To create this painting of the callejon (alleyway) in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Guanajuato, I used tape to mask off sections and painted the entire piece with a mouth atomizer.

A what?

A mouth atomizer.  Basically, a poor man’s airbrush.  You dip one of the tubes in paint and blow out the other tube, and it sprays the canvas.  And your wall, table, kid’s homework, and floor.

This was a challenging painting because I had to carefully tape off sections as I built my layers.  I only used primary colors.

Thanks to John Salminen for the excellent demonstration of mouth atomizers in his workshop last year for the Watercolor Society of North Carolina’s 2012 show.

Mark Mehaffey is another watercolor artist who utilizes the mouth atomizer.  I have seen his work online but have never been fortunate to study with him (are you supposed to say study UNDER him?  Wouldn’t this indicate he is sitting on you?).  🙂


Watercolor painting of Raleigh, North Carolina skyline Watercolor painting of Tower Bridge- London, England

The top two paintings were inspired by gravity.  Actually, the watercolor of Raleigh, NC was done several months ago.  While I did a detailed drawing, I attempted an Alvaro Castagnet inspired piece.   Alvaro is a master a plein air painting.  He paints quickly.  Con passion.

Antonio Masi inspired my painting of Tower Bridge in London, England.  I have seen Masi’s work in books and magazines, and found a youtube video that shows him painting for a few seconds.  A few fleeting seconds.  My attempt at the London Bridge was done with loose washes and loads of Chinese White, a very opaque color.  5-6 layers later, I was happy with the painting.

Watercolor painting of Kathmandu street- Nepal

The painting of the night-street in the Himalayan city of Kathmandu was inspired by Victoria Prishedko.

Victoria is a european artist who paints bright colors very wet.  I have no idea how she controls the wet paint, and I have been unable to find much information on her technique, especially in english.

Anyways, the Kathmandu painting looks nothing like her work.  But it was a great exercise in controlling wet paint and pulling out colors as it dried.

Watercolor painting of Vancouver skyline

This nightime scene of the Vancouver, BC skyline was inspired by no one.  I just painted it.  The skyline is essentially imagined.  I  loosely looked at my original photograph.

Watercolor painting of ligthouse on Mackinaw Island- Michigan

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