Recent painting to be published in Splash 15 hardcover book

Splash13When I returned to painting several years ago, the first watercolor books I purchased from Ebay were from the Splash series.  I had not painted in 13 years (since college) and needed inspiration.  

Published by F+W media, Splash is an annual hardcover book that  features the best of contemporary watercolor. 

The books were instrumental in helping me decide to return to painting by showcasing the best of watercolor and what could be done with the medium.


Getting your image into Splash is difficult.  You pay a fee to submit a photograph of your painting(s), and hope the judges accept the image.

The people that are published in Splash are the big-wigs of watercolor painting-  artists that charge a lot of money to conduct workshops.  Artists that have watercolor society initials after their names- John Salminen, Paul Jackson, Kathie George, Michael Reardon, etc.  Anyone involved in watercolor painting or the art world will recognize more than a handful of artists in the Splash books.

Watercolor painting of Monastery in Old Town Quito, Ecuador

Watercolor painting of Monastery in Old Town Quito, Ecuador

I entered a few paintings in 2011.  ….hoping for the best.

And was not accepted.

I entered a few more paintings in 2012, hoping I had improved a little in the previous year.

…wouldn’t you know it. One of my paintings was accepted.

A painting of the monastery in Old Town Quito (Ecuador).

TBA:  Summer 2014- Splash 15 will be published.

Buy a copy!  Buy a copy!

No, I don’t get royalties.

But anyone who has had their paintings (or photographs) published (as I did hundreds of times as a photographer) realizes, it is fun to get your work printed.

I hope my painting can inspire the next generation of watercolor artists, just as paintings from the previous Splash books inspired my work.



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  1. Lynn says:

    Way to go Ryan! You know both Mike and I are very excited for you! Your work is amazing and it has been so interesting to watch you progress over the last year and a half. Keep the paint flying.


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