How [NOT] to write an artist statement

According to my beautiful wife, I shouldn’t craft an artist statement that reads:

“I paint whatever-the-hell I feel like.”

I do not understand why :).

Writing is not one of my favorite past-times.  Which is why I often neglect this blog.

I finished the artistic statement for my solo exhibition at Wake Med Hospital (New Bern campus).  It drove me bonkers.  My wife said there was one sentence that didn’t suck.  ONE.

I know a lot of artists have problems writing statements.  Last night I looked at online examples to get inspired. Wow.

The good.  The bad.  And the ugly.

My first draft wasn’t good.  It was just ugly.  And bad.

Luckily my wife’s a great editor.  She helped me craft a short piece to use in my upcoming show.  Normally, I can put together a decent statement that, after a few edits, is passable.  Not this time.

Watercolor painting of Duomo- Florence, Italy

This is one of the framed pieces on display from March 7th-April 18th.

It does not read:

“I paint whatever-the-hell I feel like.”

Because there is more to the paintings..




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