Recent watercolor paintings

In October I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by John Salminen, a well-known and nationally recognized watercolor painter.  During the workshop, I completed this painting:

Watercolor painting of the Arch of Santa Catarina in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Antigua- Guatemala


The Antigua painting was my first experience with painting on full sheets of watercolor paper (32×40 inch).  After a 13 year hiatus from painting, I made the mistake of painting on quarter-sheets of paper (but you have to start somewhere, right?)

While I produced more finished paintings, I learned the hard way that my small paintings were easily overlooked in art shows.  John accepted my painting of a North Carolina lighthouse into the 67th North Carolina Watercolor Society show.

Watercolor painting of Cape Lookout- North Carolina


Lately, I have been painting on half-sized sheets of Arches watercolor paper.  Full sheets are more difficult since my kitchen table isn’t very large and my five year old son, who insists on being an artist like his Dad, usually leaves bins of crayons and pencils on it- limiting my space.

I would describe my style as “abstract representationalism”.  I want the viewer to know what my subject matter is, but I hate painting super detailed works.

John’s teachings gave me a new insight into painting slow and methodically.  The opposite of what I generally do.

Watercolor painting of Monastery in Old Town Quito, Ecuador

Using some of the tips and techniques I learned in John’s workshop, I produced my next “methodical” painting- a half-sheet watercolor painting of the Monastery in Old Town Quito, Ecuador.  The painting was based off several photographs I shot years ago.  The background was invented on the right-hand side- the colors of the original images were changed dramatically- and I added several figures and pigeons to the foreground.

In the end, I was very happy with this painting (available for purchase or as a giclee proof at my etsy store).

Based on the success of my last piece, I have decided that my next two paintings (one full-sheet watercolor and another full-sheet rice paper wax batik of Raleigh) will be large.

Guess I’ll have to make my son clean his mess off the kitchen table!


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