Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Show- 66th Aqueous International Exhibition

A few months ago I entered the Pittsburgh Watercolor’s Annual Watercolor Exhibition- the 66th Aqueous Exhibition.  To my delight, my watercolor painting was accepted in the show.

I was happy enough with being in the show.  Unfortunately, I could not attend the reception due to my brother’s wedding in Colorado.  Judging by the catalog, there were a lot of amazing paintings, and talented artists in the show.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet these people in the upcoming years (fingers crossed :).

The awards were announced, but my work did not win.

Imagine my surprise when I receive a phone call from a reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Kurt Shaw-who interviewed me and asked about the background of my painting.  Kurt wanted to include my painting in a newspaper article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

I was just returning from a week-long painting workshop with John Salminen when I received Kurt’s call.

John’s workshop was attended by a group of fantastic painters who completely humbled me. The workshop was held at the Arts of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, NC, the site of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina 2012 show.

Kurt’s phone call made my day.

I responded to Kurt’s questions and the article was published.

I could order a copy of the paper a few days later.  The article was published Sunday, and I called Tuesday morning at 9am to order.  The Tribune was sold out.  What?  Really?  Who buys old newspapers?  Except me?…

Luckily, I surfed the facebook page of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, and kindly asked anyone with a copy of the paper to send it to me.  I offered a king’s ransom for a copy which of course is a joke since no artist has a king’s ransom.

Thanks, kudos, and karma for Marie Lint for sending a copy of the article.

Below are scanned copies of the article:

(My painting is the red & blue dominate scene of the fishermen near the middle-right).

The pictures are distorted until you click the images- then they appear large enough for reading.

Guess this validates the late-night painting sessions.  Right?




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