Wedding photographer in Raleigh, NC

Last month I shot my brother’s wedding in Denver, CO…

…the most stressful event I have shot in years, not due to number of guests, crazy bridal consultants (or bride’s mothers), but because it was my brother’s wedding.  No pressure, right?

Denver is sunny 360 days of the year (so the saying goes).

Well, it was not sunny the three days I was in Denver.

Instead, it rained.  And snowed.  And was overcast.  Yuck.

Kim, my brother’s fiancee, wanted to shoot the wedding photographs at a nearby park.  And I did too.   But it is hard to smile when you are really, really cold.

We did take a few photographs outside,

(notice the rain/snow against my brother’s tux?)

but, it was not comfortable.  And Kim’s dress wasn’t long enough to keep her warm for long.

So, we ended up shooting the majority of the photographs indoors, in the hallway of the apartment complex where they were married, with all the mixed lighting sources (photographers love places with multiple lighting sources- it makes color correcting a breeze 🙁 ).

Rob and Kim’s ceremony was beautiful and intimate.  The reception was great and I enjoyed meeting their friends.  (Our mother watching the ceremony)

Congratulations Kim and Rob.

As a side note- our parents were in the same room and behaved well.



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