2012 WSNC Annual Exhibition Events and Workshop

The 67th Annual exhibition of WSNC (Watercolor Society of North Carolina-for those who can’t read the big postcard pictured above) will take place in early October in Elizabeth City.  I joined the organization last year to meet local watercolor artists and network.  I wanted to get into the yearly exhibition too!

As luck would have it, my piece was accepted. I am not going to show you the painting because I want you to drive to the exhibition with your wallet.  legally, you have to do this anyways.   I might know a beautiful lighthouse painting once purchased would look great on your walls….

Juried by the incredibly talented John Salminen,  I was honored he chose my work.  John’s style is the opposite of mine- controlled, planned, and detailed.  That’s why I am so excited to be attending his workshop the following week too.  Fellow NC painter Dick Wayne told me John is a great teacher.

However, I guess John likes to paint full sheet, and have his students do the same.  I’m terrified- I have never had the time to paint full-sheet (two young children limit my nightly painting sessions).

The watercolor show runs from October 7th- November 26th.  Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the reception due to a family wedding in Denver, but will get a chance to view the paintings on the 8th.

Hope you can make the show!


Ryan Fox


(919) 645-8345




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