Traditional Painters’ Forum- Raleigh, NC

The monthly Traditional Painters’ Forum at VAE (Visual Art Exchange) was a group I enjoyed attending when I decided to return to painting after a 14 year absence.  I went to several meetings last year when Dan Nelson headed the group.   Dan and other members of the group left to open a work studio & gallery in Cary- The Waverly Artists Group.   Unfortunately, for the Painters’ Forum,  the group was without a leader (I hate that word, especially since I would not want anyone following my style! :)), so I will use “representative” instead.  I volunteered to become the “representative”.

The Traditional Painters’ Forum is a peer-led group, free for VAE members, $5 for non-members.  The forum is a place to bring finished, or unfinished work for critique and discussion.  It is a great place for information on framing shops, contests, and art related topics.

Last week’s meeting was great..    Artist Dick Wayne presented several acrylic paintings, Kittie Rue Deemer displayed watercolor works, and Jean-Baptiste Renard brought a beautiful oil piece.  I even presented a few completed non-disasters (pneumonia takes a lot out of you- I painted a bunch of trash the past few weeks).

Kittie said she loved my watercolors (thank you), and asked what I do with my “disasters”.

To answer, I flipped my paintings- to showed the ruined work on the other side of the watercolor paper.

Let’s face it, I am cheap.  When I ruin a painting, I flip the paper and start again.  Watercolor paper is expensive…

So, anyone interested in buying a watercolor painting of mine, if you examine your purchase carefully, you may find you are receiving a two-for-one special (one painting one each side of the paper).

Now that’s a deal!  🙂

The Traditional Painters’ Forum meets the third Thursday of each month from 7-9pm.

More discussions can be found on the facebook page too.


(919) 645-8345

Watercolor painting of statue in Indonesia



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