Bold Brush Competition- Favorite Painting

Good news, my entry in the FASO Bold Brush online competition, while not a winner, earned the distinction of placing  atop  the 15% of favorited images.  The image can be viewed online  at the Bold Brush site.  Or below:

(Watercolor painting of Cathedral in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca- Ecuador)

I hate to admit, but I painted this piece in less than two hours.  That is the beauty of watercolor- the less you mess with the paints, the better it looks (usually).

Working from a very detailed line drawing (traces of the drawing can be seen in the upper-right),  I abandoned most of the drawing as I painted, focusing less on the details, and more on the colors and large shapes.  With the canvas sitting at a 45 degree angle, and paint applied to the paper immediately ran down.  I started at the top of the canvas, and let gravity takes it’s course.

Little splotches of windsor red and cerulean blue were applied when the paper was completely covered in paint.  I like using both of these paints since the are opaque and have a reflective quality to them.  I had just read Nita Engle’s book How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself and I had learned this little bit of knowledge from her.

A little table salt  for texture, and I sprayed off a large portion of the colors on the right hand side since I found   the details of the arches were distracting from the center Cathedral.

It was a lively, and very messy,  hour of painting.

When dried the next day, I applied the darkest darks in the Cathedral area and a few places in the columns.

The original image has sold, but giclee proofs are available at my website:  There you, can see several of the original photographs in the Ecuador gallery (this painting is photo composite of several photos).

The finished painting looks nothing like the original photographs.  I altered the colors and composition.  After all, if I wanted it to look like a photograph, I’d take a picture.

Hope your brushes are busy.


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