Faso- BoldBrush Painting Competition

I entered a photograph into last months FASO BoldBrush competition….

…and was in the top 15% of “liked” images.

Now, this does not guarantee a winning painting, and the juried results have not been announced, but it does make me feel a little better about my work.

Taking care of two children 5 and under, being the stay-at-home dad who is terrible at cleaning but good at entertaining the kids, sleep-deprived, and over caffeinated- I have little time to paint.

This watercolor, of the Basilica in the Ecuadorian town of Cuenca is composed of two photographs to create a horizontal composition.  The colors were drastically changed.  When I paint, I focus less on the photograph than on the line drawing.  I spend a large portion of the day thinking (this would AMAZE my wife to know I am capable of doing) of how I am going to paint the night’s image.  Since watercolor can be painted quickly, when I start, I like to have a good idea of the color scheme, and a mental image of the final piece.

When painting, I print a B&W version of my photograph for reference.  This establishes the tonal range and allows me to re-image the colors of the scene.

I especially enjoyed painting this image.  First, I established a light-yellow in the background sky.  After this had dried, I applied thick washes of Ultramarine Blue, and Burnt Sienna to the colonnaded area.  The colors were applied wet-into-wet and  were complemented by the use of table salt and a little scraping of the paper surface with a palette knife.

I used a spray bottle to remove paint from the right-hand side of the watercolor.  At the end, I dropped thick swabs of cerulean blue and windsor red into the still-wet painting.  These paints are opaque and float to the top of the surface.

The painting process took approximately 1.5 hours to paint.

This is why I love watercolor.  The wet-into-wet process can produce many unexpected results.  This painting worked.  Unfortunately, I have heaps of other paintings that did not.


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