Raleigh watercolor painter- Ryan Fox

Recently scanned four of my newest paintings.  My time has been limited since my wife went back to work and left me in charge of our 6 week and 4 year old.  Though I want to paint every day, I am often too tired at 9pm to consider doing so.

The watercolors below are 3 watercolor paintings of the Khmer ruins at Angkor Wat archaeological park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  I have visited Angkor twice and would return again in an instance.

All originals are for sale and as fine art prints through Fine Art America


(Smiling face statues at the Bayon temple)

(Sycamore tree overgrowing ruins of monastic temple of Ta Prohm)

(Vignetted sunset shot of Stonehenge.  Painted fast and loose)

I have painted more watercolors in a variety of styles, but these were my most successful.  Recently I have been inspired by the watercolors of Jean Grastorf, Cheng-Khee Chee, & Judi Morris.

Two kids, a photography business, and painting.  No wonder I have not worked out in several weeks.  Whew.


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