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As I near the end of scanning my 35mm chromes (slides) from my travel photography days (currently on hiatus thanks to the birth of my 2nd son), I recently added a gallery for the South American country of Bolivia.  Below are a few photographs from the city of La Paz where we visited my brother-in-laws family.

Bolivia is beautiful, but chilly the wintertime (our summer season).  When that sun dropped out of the sky, it went from a comfortable 65 degrees to COLD.  Quickly.

You also couldn’t fake the altitude.  La Paz is one of the highest altitude cities in the world.  For the first few days you feel like a fish out of the water- constantly trying to catch your breath.

It does not help that you land at the airport, which is at 13k feet, and then descend into the city.

Of course, cold and altitude aside, when you see sunrises like this I could care less how cold, hungry, or craving coffee I was.  The photographs were worth the effort.


Lastly,  I have been currently working on  watercolor paintings based on these travel photographs.  This image of the Cementario de Trenos (Cemetery of Trains) in the Salar de Uyuni is a composite of three photographs.  The colors have been dramatically changed.  I was rather proud of the rusty look in the train on the left.  Not too bad for a two hour watercolor (drawing time not included).

Further examples of my paintings are available online at this link.

The travel photographs are available in a variety of options, including cards, proofs, and canvas prints.  Check my Fine Art America Site for further details

Hope everyone is keeping busy and enjoying the weather.



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