Watercolor paintings- Bolivia, Tunisia, and Ecuador

Been staying out of trouble lately..


…who am I kidding.  The truth is, I have been homebound keeping my 4 year old out of trouble while my wife does a fantastic job nursing our month old.   I am not always home, but I am in the car a large portion of the day shuttling Mr. Iron Man back and forth between preschool and home.

Ah, the life of an involved parent.

In my free time, I have rediscovered watercolor painting.

I had a breathrough the other night when I started, and completed this really loose watercolor in only a few hours.  My primary goal was to keep it fast and not get bogged down with mindless detail (one reason I switched to photography in college- my photo realistic painting style was driving me bonkers).

Alvaro Castagnet, the fantastic Argentinian painter, came to mind when I was laying in the dark, loose washes of this scene of the Cathedral in the colonial Ecuadorian city of Cuenca.

A little help from the spray bottle, some salt, and a bunch of paint later, and I was rather happy with the outcome.

This watercolor of the Roman ruins at Dougga took a little longer to complete.  Who would expect Roman ruins in Tunisia?  Not I, but Tunisia is home to some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world.

This painting is a photo composite of the Cementerio de Trenos (no translation needed) in the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia).  I stumbled (due to elevation & exhaustion) out for sunset one night many moons ago.  It was an amazing, but cold, experience.

Do not worry, I have not given up photographing.  Megan and Sam’s wedding photographs from Milwaukee, WI are processing on my computer as I write, and will be posted online tomorrow.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather.



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