Watercolor paintings of Nepalese travel photographs


Believe it or not, I paint too.  Not that I have painted much in the past decade, but I always envisioned a day when I would pick up the brushes again.

I received my BFA in Painting.  I had decided to pursue photography full time upon graduating.  However, switching majors and extending school (and tuition) for another few years seemed pointless.  So the last few years of school I focused on photography.

But I never gave up painting.  I continued to take painting classes- namely in watercolor.

It’s a terrible medium- one little mistake can ruin an entire painting (and you can’t “paint” over the mistake like oil or acrylic).  But the transparency and watery effects of watercolor cannot be replicated.

I am currently inspired by the work of Alvaro Castagnet, Dusan Djukaric, John Salminen, Paul Jackson, Judy Morris, Cheng-Khee Chee, and others.

You will notice that the majority of these artists do not paint flowers.  I can’t stand flower paintings (can you say “overdone”).


These are the first watercolors I have painted in the past decade.

They suck.  But they are a starting point.

While I am continuing to photograph weddings, maternity, and portraits, I look forward to delving into resource materials for upcoming paintings- my two file cabinets of 35mm slides (and 5 external hard drives of the hi-res scans).

So, in addition to having another baby this month, continuing to shoot weddings, trying to find time to exercise, I have added another endeavor to my list.

Who’s up for another pot of coffee?  Do you wonder why I don’t sleep?



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