Funny self portrait- Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I came across a photograph shot years ago today, a sort of “self-portrait”. Thank you Laura Sullivan, a talented, creative, and patient writer for dealing with me one our trips overseas together (more later). Laura, as you may have guessed, photographed the moment with my camera.

When traveling, I prided myself on trying to experience life as the locals experience life. This involves avoiding tourists, speaking the local language (as much I can learn in a few weeks), and taking public transportation (not much fun except in Europe). 🙂

So when I was in Cambodia shooting an assignment at a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) hospital run by Americans, I noticed fried tarantulas sold as food. As luck would have it, a merchant walked through our restaurant with a basket of the deep fried eight-legged freaks. Not wishing to think (that would have completely ruined the moment), I purchased one of the fried critters, and immediately ate it.

Words cannot describe the experience. And we’ll leave it at that.

But I do have a cool photograph of the moment to prove I did it.

Tarantula dinner- Cambodia

On a side note, I shot photographs of my very pregnant wife Jasmine a few days ago. While I have been meaning to get the pictures sooner, the 100 plus degree temperatures everyday for the last three months have not been agreeing with her pregnant state, and we have been married long enough for me to know not to suggest the photographs until sunset.

Trying to get my son to cooperate was like, well- eating a deep fried tarantula!



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