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This month, VAE  (Visual Arts Exchange) in downtown Raleigh celebrates photographers and the work they produce with unframed photographs.  My photograph(s) of the Washington, DC monument to the WWII fallen currently is displayed in the exhibition.    I hope everyone has the opportunity to see the “holgarama” (a combination of three photographs intentionally merged “in-camera” by underadvancing the film).  The 20×30″ photograph will be on display until the 26th of August.

The “”holgarama”  is a technique I have shot for years- including weddings.  One of my favorite wedding photographs of all time is a holgarama of a bride and groom looking at each other with the couple in the center of the triptych.  These photographs involve no digital trickery, they are the product of a plastic camera and artistic inspiration, plus a decent knowledge of positive and negative space.

Raleigh, NC wedding photography studio

I have used this technique for years to “merge” 3-16 photographs as one.  The technique works well over an extended period of time too- starting with photographs of the bride getting ready and ending with shots of the reception.

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