Learn to Sell Art Online

Selling Artwork Online- Masterclass August 16th 5-8pm ET

Sell your paintings and prints online.  With the pandemic keeping people at home internet sales have exploded.  You work hard creating your art.  Make the money you deserve.  In this 3 hour workshop learn how and where to sell your art online.   

This workshop is for sellers who already have their work digitized and scanned.  Learn about the different online marketplaces (Etsy, Amazon, Ebay) as well as Print-on-Demand companies.

The third hour of the workshop will focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your paintings will be found by the right buyers.  We will also explore various social media outlets to drive traffic to your shop(s).  

Ryan Fox is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society.  He has been selling his work online for 8 years with thousands of sales of original paintings, reproductions, licensed images, and more.


Registration fee $35. No gimmicks.



New work available

George Floyd, BLM, Black Lives Matter, race protests, peaceful protest, Minnesota riots

In the last few months I have been amazingly productive:

The painting I am most proud of- “George Floyd”. Based on AP photographer Julio Cortez’s photograph of the Minnesota protests. 22×15″. I was hoping to sell prints of this painting with all profits donated to charity but Associated Press will not give me the rights since they own the copyright. However, the original is available and profits will be donated to NAACP. If interested please contact.


Ryan Fox AWS, NEWS, PWS,



Ryan Fox Painting on facebook



Watercolor batik paintings- new work

Florence sunset, watercolor landscape, original painting, Florence Italy, Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence art, Florence painting, batik art, batik painting, Creative Catalyst Productions, artist

Being at home will save lives. But let’s be realistic, I have a harder time working at home with 2 kids, and idiot Jack Russell Terrier barking at perceived slights, and my wife also home. 🙂

However, I have taken the opportunity to return to creating batiks on Japanese rice paper. Several images have been stuck in my mind as candidates for a large batik. These paintings would have been difficult to paint small. Batik lends itself well to large paintings since wax dries on the brush quickly. It is hard to get a lot of detail into a 12×18″ paper for this reason.

Here are two of my most recent full-sheet batiks. “Florence Sunset”, 25×36″ (above)

watercolor batik, American Watercolor Society, Kathie George, batik workshop, batik painting, Art of the Carolinas, fine art painting, watercolor artist

Amsterdam Skyline”, 25×36″

Original paintings available. These can be rolled into a tube for easy mailing.

Fine art reproductions available too. Check out my Etsy shop RFoxWatercolors for a huge selection of originals and prints from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa:


Interested in seeing in-progress photographs of these paintings? Check out my instagram and facebook pages.

New watercolor instructional PDFs.

Learn watercolor from artist Ryan Fox. Downloadable PDF files available.

Watercolor batik tutorial.  Learn watercolor batik painting with artist Ryan Fox
Learn to paint the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. Watercolor batik technique.

Downloadable PDF files walk you through the steps in creating these beautiful watercolors. Each PDF includes the full-sized reference photograph, a B&W version of the photograph, an artistic filter of the picture to help you learn to “see” in values, as well as a line drawing.

Step-by-step photographs of the painting in progress make it easy to replicate the painting. Learn something new from the comfort of your home.

Expand your watercolor skills. Or start something completely new.

Available online:


Recent commissioned pieces- watercolor paintings

(Full sheet 22×30″ watercolor of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.  Created using a lot of different all-grayed down colors.  I never changed the water the entire time I painted this image.)

(Limited palette half-sheet watercolor of Duomo in Florence, Italy)

Here are my two most recent commissioned pieces- a full-sheet watercolor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and a half-sheet painting of the iconic Duomo in Florence, Italy.

I do accept commissions- but not many of them. Please email for availability and rates.


Ryan Fox AWS, NEWS, PWS,



Ryan Fox Painting on facebook



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